WOW! ME was born from the idea of creating a brand of clothing and accessories, aimed at all types of public, which seeks to focus on showing the world beautiful, modern, comfortable and accessible garments.

With its international focus; WOW! ME can reach the entire public worldwide, which makes it position itself as a competitive brand in the textile industry.

Our Creator originally from Colombia, young enthusiast and resounding, graduate of Finance and international relations from the San Martin university in Medellin, after having had the opportunity to live in 4 different countries such as Colombia, Spain, Mexico and the United States, seek to transmit her knowledge, good taste and love for fashion through her WOW!ME brand.

“Our brand is aimed at all types of audiences, we want to find a balance between the modern and the contemporary, creating a brand full of love, which can be accessible to the entire public, giving the possibility to our customers to access WOW! ME from anywhere in the world”

Operating from Miami, Usa, WOW! ME, welcomes all its customers, and gives them their trust. ” I thank GOD for giving me the opportunity to create WOW! ME, because thanks to him, what I start as an idea and then a project is now a reality”

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